Sunday, October 26, 2008

shat....i gotta buy a fuggin dryer. aint that bout a b? my mother called me while i was at work and told me that our dryer kicked the bucket. my grandmother was willing to purchase one for my mother but of course, my mom would have to hear about it later. damn shame but its truth. luckily, i have a little bit of credit on my credit cards, some money in my checking account, and some money in my savings account. so, tomorrow morning i will be buying my first big appliance. i'm kinda bummed because my savings account will be wiped out for a minute but the savings account is for times like this. as always, its me to the rescue. i am determined to let this purchase be the last "bail out". my cards are damn near maxed out not because i have went shopping like a maniac but because i loan money to my fam and i take care of my mom. it stops tomorrow. i'm determined to pay off all of this damn debt that i have. its not that bad but still, if i didnt have so much credit card debt i would have more money to put away in a savings account. next...i went to see janet jackson in concert last week. i had so much damn fun. the people around me intrigued me. women of all races, sizes, and styles. it was a beautiful sight. the women didnt look like clones of each other. everyone seemed to have their own individual style. it was awesome. my fro was amongst fros which was different than what i am used to in va. the big girls were stylish as hell. made me proud. lol. janet was awesome. i sat about 4 or 5 rows from the stage. i could see everything. she is shorter than i thought. thighs and booty thick as hell too. at 42, she was keepin up with those young dancers. i hope that i age as well as she has. i saw her "all for you" tour and it was different from this one. she sung more of her older songs in the most recent concert. there was a chic in front of me that looked like she studied every damn janet jackson video and was performing along with janet. i couldnt stop crackin up. all in all, i enjoyed the concert thoroughly. i cant wait to go to another concert. dc is pretty damn nice. i liked riding the train to the verizon center. that was what my niece liked the most. seems like you wouldnt really need a car if you lived there. parking is so damn expensive and hard to find that riding the train seems more practical. im determined to get my license and a car soon so i can go out of town and experience more than this boring ass town. i'm diggin driving now. its not as scary or as hard as i thought. i'm getting better and better at it. i cant wait until i finally get my own car. i think i want a chevy impala, toyota camry, or a nissan altima or maxima. i like the heaviness of a chevy. i drove my sister in law's kia and i hated it. it was entirely too damn light. being able to get up and go when i want and stay for as long as i want is awesome. love life might be taking a huge turn. not for the bad tho. kris might be moving here before the end of the year. ive only lived with someone for 3 months. those 3 months werent that bad. woo and i learned a lot about it each other and i learned a lot about relationships. i had a lot of growing up to do. people are different when you live with them. you dont truly know someone until you live with them. im a lil nervous but i think it will be ok. ive never thought about taking that step with someone. well, i have thought about it but ive never actually been this close to doing it. its crazy. like jay-z said "even grass grows" so i guess its time for me to trade in my independence for interdependence and develop and nurture a mature relationship. not that i havent had a mature relationship. i guess i just didnt think that far in the future. there was always talk about one of us moving together and all that but it never happened. now, i just have to woman up and be unafraid and optimistic. i tend to think what might go wrong in a situation. when she was here, we didnt argue once. most of our arguments are because of the distance. that will soon be history. not saying we wont argue because she is bound to get on my nerves or irritate me occasionally and vice versa. the only difference will be, instead of me hanging up on her, i will have to leave the house or something. lol. we have also been talking about me having a child. im kinda nervous about that situation too. not so much being a parent because i have wanted to have a child for some years. im just afraid the damn syndrome shit i have will make things so much more complicated to conceive. my doctor told me that she will give me some kind of medication to make me ovulate. i am praying that i conceive the first time i try. we have a donor already. he is nervous about the whole situation too. i always thought it was easy for a man to have sex with a woman with absolutely no strings attached. lol. thats enough for now. in a minute. peace and love. prolific out.