Thursday, June 1, 2006

summer looks like its gonna rain hard as hades in about 5 minutes. im glad cuz it is HOT today. when i got to work today, the supervisor from the shift before mine told me that 2 people called in today. well, that leaves 3 people, including myself. i know things happen but damn....both of yall called out. *sigh* ive only called out 1 time and that was because i was sick as hell with a fever. i have even came to work with a fever...cold as hell...literally shaking because i was so cold. i dont know, maybe my work ethic is different from everyone elses. if i am not throwing up, im not too sick. now, the day after i blacked out, i went to work like a dummy but i left early because i started to feel bad again. im trying to save all the vacation time i can so i can possibly go on a vacation one day. i dont know where im going, but i know i want to go somewhere. next...i just read about the marines that killed 20 innocent iraqis. i know im late but wtf if going on? i know nothing if fair in war but killing women and children is down right sick. i read about a man who was holding an iraqi girl who had been shot and her brains fell out of her head onto his boots. first of all, that man will be scarred for life. i think the men and women in the military who serve in iraq will come back here crazy. seeing death everyday....people with limbs blown off, babies with gunshot wounds....that is bound to have an impact on their mental health. the war in iraq is a modern day vietnam and those troops that make it back here will be mentally unstable just like most of the vietnam vets. *sigh* back to work i a minute....peace and love...prolific out.